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RE: embedded view -- how to find out what's selected??
~Bella Nonreplopings 27.Jan.04 06:23 AM a Web browser
Domino Designer 6.0.1 Windows 2000

It's possible to obtain a collection of the selected documents from the events in the view itself or from view actions (see NotesDatabase.UnprocessedDocuments).

An interesting thing is that NotesUIWorkspace.CurrentDocument used from the context of an embedded view event or action will give you a handle on the enclosing Notesuidocument around the embedded view.

I haven't seen this documented, but extensive testing has seen it working reliably.

Also make sure the view is used only as an embedded view, as the method will likely return nothing or an error in the context of a free-standing view.

You can then grab whatever values you need off the returned Notesuidocument (via FieldGetText) and use it however you see fit in conjunction with the selected document collection.

So it is possible, but driven from a view action rather than a form action.

Example code, View Action:

Sub Click(Source As Button)

'Examples sets Status field on embedded
'view selected documents to value of Status
'field on open enclosing document.

dim uiw as New NotesUIWorkspace
dim uid as NotesUIDocument
dim ses as New NotesSession
dim colSelected as NotesDocumentCollection
dim strStatus$

'Get the status from the enclosing document.
set uid = uiw.CurrentDocument
strStatus = uid.FieldGetText ( "Status" )

'Get the documents selected in the view.
set colSelected = ses.Currentdatabase.UnprocessedDocuments

'Set the status of the collection.
call colSelected.Stampall ( "Status", strStatus )

End Sub

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